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Corporate Communications

Insights can work with you to build your corporate brand, reposition your company in the marketplace, increase your visibility with key stakeholders and strengthen your company reputation. The agency also specializes in creating effective messaging Ė umbrella positioning for the company as well as situation-specific communications. We can help you build a brand that is relevant, credible, sustainable, aspirational and differentiating and then design a communications program that delivers consistently on the brand promise while tailoring stakeholder communications to achieve the greatest impact.  

Crisis and Issues Management

A crisis is only a matter of when, not if. And itís not enough to just respond effectively, you have to be seen to be responding effectively. Good communications in a crisis helps ensure public safety while protecting your companyís reputation. Insights can help ensure you have the processes and procedures in place and that your employees are properly prepared to communicate well when the chips are down. While some crises arise unexpectedly, many issues can be anticipated and their impact avoided or minimized with a proactive issues management approach. From operational problems to environmental damage to natural disasters to allegations of corporate misconduct, Insights has the experience to help you prepare for and respond to crisis situations.


Business-to-Business Marketing Communications

Do you stand out from your competition? Do your customers view you as a valued partner? Are you top-of-mind for prospective customers? Marketing communications can help established companies increase market share, new companies build a profile and market base, and ensure success for companies entering new markets or debuting new products and services. Insights can help you develop programs that deliver bottom-line results. Depending on your business, tactics may range from building industry thought leadership through strategic leveraging conference and trade show participation to creating targeted marketing tools such as direct mail, Web communications and advertising.


Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy

For many organizations, robust community relations can help build reputation, strengthen employee recruitment and retention, attract customers and provide a margin of goodwill for the company in a crisis. Surveys have shown that just giving money to the CEOís favorite causes isnít enough. Insights can assist in aligning your philanthropic efforts with corporate values, employee interests and community needs to make your outreach and contribution efforts deliver maximum impact. 


Employee Communications

Engaged employees are a companyís most valuable asset. Creating and maintaining a culture that nurtures teamwork, creativity, appropriate risk-taking, initiative and commitment are more challenging than ever in todayís world of outsourcing, downsizing, mergers and constant change. Insights can work with you to retain and recruit the talent you need for success by helping create a trust-based environment that celebrates individual contributions and fosters open, honest, two-way communications.


Media Relations

Media coverage is one of the most efficient ways to get your message out to a broad audience. Are your competitors getting more media coverage? How are you being portrayed? Are you getting ink in the publications read by your clients? Positive coverage can drive sales and your reputation. Bad news can hurt. Insights can help you build strong, long-term relationships with key reporters to raise your visibility, make sure your messages are heard and help manage negative press.